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Application Form - English

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Thank you for choosing King George International College. Kindly fill out the application form below. You may also submit our fillable pdf application form. We look forward to seeing you at KGIC soon!


About You

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Contact Information

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Program Selection

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What is your TOEIC score?
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Please select your preferred accommodation. Click here for more information about our accommodation options.
KGIC Homestay *
KGIC Student House *
I will arrange my own accommodations *

Please answer the following questions if you choose KGIC Homestay or KGIC Student House. Your answers will help us match you to the most suitable host family.

When do you expect to move in?
How long do you intend to stay at the Homestay, Dormitory or Student House?

Click here to see restrictions and rules.


What is your spoken English level?
What is your written English level?
What are your hobbies and interests?
Is a smoking home okay?
Do you have any allergies? If yes, please specify. E.g. foods, plants, medicine, substances, etc.
Do you smoke?
Is a home with a pet okay?
Do you like dogs?
Do you like cats?
What is your preference?

Airport Pickup

Do you require airport pickup?
Date of arrival
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Flight Number
Is this registration through an agency?
Do you need UM ( unaccompanied minor ) Service?


If your registration is through an agency, please fill out the following information.

Agency Name
Agent Name
Agent Phone Number
Agent Fax Number
Agent Email Address


Invoices will be issued in Canadian Dollars (CDN).

Comments & Closing

How did you hear about our school? *
If other, please specify
Please use this space for any special instructions or comments
Yes, I have read all KGIC policies, including the KGIC refund policy *
KGIC policies | KGIC refund policy

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