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Personalized Program

Create Your Own Personalized Program!

Flexibl ESL Chart

Did you know that KGIC has a flexible level system that is customized to suit your individual needs? At KGIC, we believe the learning process should not be the average of your abilities. Everyone has different needs, speeds and styles of learning, and KGIC's ESL program is created just for that!

Customized Curriculum

We have our own in-house curriculum development team. Our books and materials are written and developed based on the needs of our students. We have also teamed up with Pearson Longman to produce quality grammar textbooks for our lower language-level learners.

Click on the tabs below for more detailed curriculum information.


Foundations level English focuses on the basics of English language learning, providing the essential building blocks that are crucial to students' needs in the areas of grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

KGIC Essentials: Level 1-3

The KGIC Essentials Series covers all subjects from Levels 1-3. This series has been designed to work together to help students create a solid base from which to build upon. Written by KGIC’s in-house curriculum team, this series covers all aspects of essential English for language learners, affording them the confidence to progress at a steady pace.


KGIC Essentials Grammar

KGIC Essentials Grammar uses an integrated skills approach to language learning. Students practice an assortment of both controlled and communicative exercises so that they master not only the formal rules of English but the practical, everyday usage of them as well. The topics included in Essentials Grammar cover areas of great interest and use to students of English, and work hand-in-hand with the Essentials Reading and Writing series.

KGIC Essentials Reading and Writing

KGIC Essentials Reading and Writing curriculum builds on the skills acquired at the Foundations level. Students learn the basic structure of English so that they develop a meaningful understanding of what they read, and accumulate the core vocabulary necessary to produce coherent, clear writing skills. Reading and writing is practiced using a variety of relevant topics and contexts so students can attain the skills they need to reach the next level. 

KGIC Essentials Listening

KGIC Essentials Listening incorporates vocabulary-building with real-world listening situations, allowing students to boost their listening ability in settings that relate to their daily lives. Listening is practiced individually, in partners and in groups, in situations that occur frequently in the classroom, work and social settings.

KGIC Essentials Communications

The Essentials Communications series provides the all-important aspect of practical usage in terms of English. Students take what they have studied in other subjects and apply them verbally, enhancing their spoken communication and gaining valuable pronunciation experience that is essential to clear oral communication.

Career World English: Levels 4-6

Career World English is a new and experiential way for intermediate and advanced students at King George International College to learn English. CWE has been custom-designed to suit the needs of KGIC students. It is a combination of real-world situations, communicative activities, contemporary subject matter and academic application.

Career World Grammar

Career World Grammar takes students away from traditional textbook grammar and introduces them to a wide variety of situations in which they can use the grammar they learn.  It highlights the need for conversational grammar and exposes students to many of the subtleties and exceptions that are often hard to grasp.

Career World Reading/Writing

Career World Reading/Writing focuses on reading and writing that can be applied to everyday situations. Reading and writing online are both avenues that this course explores. Though there will be some focus on traditional academic preparation such as research and essays, this class also teaches students how to read and write for social events, work situations and travel.

Career World Listening

Listening to the radio, movies and lectures, meeting people and working can all be very challenging situations because there are accents, slang and idioms everywhere. Career World Listening focuses on recognizing both formal and informal vocabulary applicable to a variety of situations ranging from personal and professional life to academic endeavours. With each unique topic, comes a greater ability to listen and respond effectively.

Career World Communication

Career World Communication is an intensive communication class that goes beyond basic speaking—introducing new vocabulary, slang and idioms. Group discussion, debates and intensive speaking opportunities are presented throughout the class to build fluency and the ability to feel confident speaking to native speakers, whether in a university classroom, the workplace or at a fundraising event.

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