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English for Children & Juniors


King George International College offers quality language instruction to students of all ages. The children's and juniors' programs at King George International College are a great way for younger students to learn English in a warm, supportive environment and create better opportunities for their future—all year long.

Program Details

Locations  Surrey
Duration  2+ weeks
Hours  24 hours/week 

Mon. to Thurs.: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.; Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Class Size  ~15 students
Program Type Certificate
Practicum No

KGIC Advantages

  • Monthly program reports
  • Supportive and friendly advising staff
  • Optional transfer to public and private schools
  • Support transitioning into life in Canada
  • Fun and educational field trips and activities

Curriculum: Level Structure

The level structure is based on two months of curriculum per level, as outlined below:

  •   Level 1: Beginner
  •   Level 2: Novice
  •   Level 3: Low-Intermediate
  •   Level 4: High-Intermediate: Recommended to enter Bridge schools
  •   Level 5: Advanced
  •   Level 6: Content-Based Academics

Curriculum: Children vs. Juniors

Children's ESL Program Juniors' ESL Program
6-12 years old 13-17 years old 
Grammar Grammar
Listening, Speaking & Phonics Listening
Language Arts: Reading & Writing Speaking & Pronunciation
Academic Content: Math, Science, Literature, Drama, Art, Social Studies Academic Content: Science, Fine Arts, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Career Education


More Programs for Children & Juniors

Youth Bridge Program

KGIC's ESL program is designed to prepare students for academic success in a North American learning environment. Class activities are structured to enable students to meet the challenges associated with learning in a typical Canadian classroom and help students discover how to take an active role in their education. Utilizing KGIC's customized curriculum and new PACE and ACE series, students develop their English so that the ability to speak, think and express themselves in the classroom all become an integral part of their communication skills.

Entry Requirements

All levels are welcome. Students will be given a test on the first day to determine what their level is.

Family Study

Studying as a family is also an option at KGIC. Students come with their parents to study English at our KGIC Surrey campus, as we offer adult ESL classes at this location too. If you are interested in joining KGIC Surrey as a family, please let us know in advance—we have accommodation and activity options that are suitable for families.

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Summer and Winter Camps

KGIC also offers a variety of seasonal camps for children and junior students. Please visit the following pages for detailed information:

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