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Pathway Program

Come study with KGIC and we can help you get into a College or University in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom! KGIC offers two academic programs: Intermediate English for Post-Secondary Education (IEPE) and English for Post-Secondary Education (EPE), which will help prepare you with College and University skills.

Pathway Intermediate English for Post-secondary Education | Call to action button
Pathway English for Post-secondary Education | Call to action button

KGIC Benefits and Services

Assistance and Training

KGIC is committed to ensuring you achieve all your academic goals. With the help of excellent teachers, knowledgeable academic advisors and helpful staff, your path to a college or university will be a smooth one.

Academic Training

Comprehensive preparation for post–secondary studies in Canada and the United States

CLOA and LOA Support

KGIC will help you obtain a conditional and full letter of acceptance to the school of your choice.

No TOEFL®/IELTS Requirement

Access to many KGIC partner colleges and universities WITHOUT an IELTS or TOEFL® score

Additional Learning

KGIC academic services are available to our students, such as extra classes, workshops and seminars related to post-secondary skills.

Free Application Assistance

Step-by-step guidance and information for entering university or college, along with FREE application services to any school of your choice

College/University Advisors

At every KGIC campus, you will have the support of academic and college/university advisors to help you with any post-secondary questions or problems.

Free Additional Pathway Support

Free online feedback on assignments

Organize college/university discussion groups


Specialized Guest speakers and fields trips

Visits from college and university staff

Getting Started: How it Works

  1. Contact your local KGIC representative.
  2. Select one of our college or university pathway partners.
  3. Complete the college or university paper/online application.
  4. Prepare and submit all documentation to your local KGIC representative.

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